The FMRI programme will support the uptake of advances in digital technology that have the potential to transform ocean science.

New, digital infrastructure can empower scientists to conduct remote campaigns and participate virtually research expeditions. It can create new opportunities for broad, multi-disciplinary and international research collaborations. It can also break down barriers to inclusion for those who are unable to participate in traditional, ship-based expeditions. FMRI investments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) will maximise the science impact of the research infrastructure by offering efficient and responsive planning for networked fleets.

The rapid advancement of AI technology is reshaping how we observe, understand, and forecast changes in our oceans. Integrating AI into the FMRI program will empower researchers to unravel complex physical and biological processes, open new avenues for innovative technological solutions, and support the preservation and enhancement of ocean health for generations to come.

Dr Scott Hosking, Delivery Board Member (Environmental Data Scientist, British Antarctic Survey and Turing)


  • Autonomous Marine Operations Planning

    • Prof. Maria Fox
    • British Antarctic Survey (BAS)
    • This project is developing AI-enabled tools to support Marine Facilities Planning. Optimised operations of a future infrastructure, particularly if this includes a substantial autonomous fleet, can exploit the potential of AI to increase data value and reduce the carbon cost per data set. This project will inform the FMRI options assessment by exploring that potential.
  • Automated Workflows for Autonomous Platforms

    • Dr. Helen Snaith
    • National Oceanography Centre (NOC)
    • This project is developing and testing new automated data management workflows that will reduce the time and costs for autonomous deployments. Proving these efficiencies is a key requirement for demonstrating upscaling of autonomy a viable proposition.

Embedding Net-Zero in Digitally Enabled Ocean Science

This report summarizes the outcomes of workshops examining the transformation in digital technologies that is needed to build the future research infrastructure.