Realising the benefits of new research capabilities begins by securing the capital investment to deliver the research infrastructure. The Green Book process for business case development challenges embedded assumptions to ensure that the developed infrastructure delivers maximum impact and offers value for money. The FMRI programme is preparing a robust business case that is supported by the evidence needed to make the right decision on the way forward for the UK's marine research infrastructure.

Workstream Objectives

The objectives of the FMRI Business Case Development workstream are to:

  • Prepare a HM Treasury Green Book compliant business case for a future marine research infrastructure.
  • Develop a UKRI Infrastructure Fund bid for investment in a future marine research infrastructure.
  • Implement and facilitate a proportionate Integrated Assurance and Approvals Plan.

Workstream Lead: Lisa Evans, Business Case Manager


Increasing demand for public services creates ever more pressure on the public resources available, increasing the need to make better use of these limited resources. The challenge to those preparing and advising on spending decisions has never been greater. In this context, it is vital that spending and investment decisions are based on highly competent professionally developed proposals.

Tom Scholar, Permanent Secretary to HM Treasury, foreword to the 'Guide to Developing the Project Business Case' (2018)