About Us

The Future Marine Research Infrastructure programme (FMRI) aims to develop and deliver the Natural Environment Research Council’s (NERC) strategic investment in the next generation of large-scale, research infrastructure that will provide UK marine scientists with access to world leading capabilities.

The FMRI programme is currently in the business case development phase, building the strategic, scientific and economic case for a future research infrastructure in accordance with the HM Treasury Green Book process. We are on a journey to explore the requirements, constraints and options for the future capability, building towards a UKRI Infrastructure Fund bid in 2027. To support the development of the business case, FMRI is funding a limited range of activities to inform, de-risk and engage the marine science community with the FMRI transformation.

Our Vision

FMRI aspires to deliver a marine research infrastructure that allows us to observe the ocean in greater detail than ever before, enables cutting-edge scientific research and offers solutions for a sustainable planet. The programme will:

  • Establish an environmentally and economically sustainable marine observation and experimentation infrastructure for current and future research.
  • Establish a marine infrastructure portfolio that leads using innovations in measurements and platforms to push the frontiers of marine science.
  • Pursue an approach that is outward looking and offers global leadership, collaboration opportunities and opening access to under-represented groups.

It is clear to me that we have the opportunity, through the adoption of new technologies and the development of new observational techniques, to better understand and predict the rising levels of ocean acidification, deoxygenation and warming with the associated, catastrophic impacts upon that ecosystem. And we can be part of the solution to those issues. The leadership shown by UKRI and NERC in this context is incredibly important, and I hugely value the chance to be a part of this endeavour.

Leigh Storey, FMRI Senior Responsible Owner

NZOC Scoping Study

This study seeks to identify options for developing a world-class oceanographic capability with a reduced carbon footprint by presenting a range of options for transitioning to low or zero carbon capabilities.

NZOC Scoping Study