The FMRI Science Advisory Group is now recruiting for new members.

Visit NERC FMRI SAG Vacancies for more information. Applications close: August 20th, 2024

Role of the Science Advisory Group

The role of the SAG is to provide the expert, independent, and timely strategic science advice and input on behalf of the research community to the FMRI Programme Leadership Team and FMRI Board.

The responsibilities of the SAG include:

  • Advising the FMRI Programme Leadership Team and FMRI Board regarding the scientific aspects of the Programme, seeking to maximise the benefits for the entire science community by ensuring that future capability aligns to current and expected future demands for oceanographic research and innovation across all disciplines.
  • Highlight opportunities for complementarity with other initiatives, both nationally and internationally.
  • Act as a channel for engagement between the wider science community and the FMRI Programme, including proactively raising community views.
  • Provide any other such advice and support as may be reasonably requested by the FMRI Programme Leadership Team and the Board.


  • Prof. Alex Rogers Chair, Ocean Census

  • Dr. Filipa Carvalho National Oceanography Centre

  • Dr. Helen Czerski University College London

  • Estelle Dumont Scottish Association for Marine Science

  • Prof. Kerry Howell University of Plymouth

  • Prof. Claire Mahaffey University of Liverpool

  • Prof. Bhavani Narayanaswamy Scottish Association for Marine Science

  • Dr Katrien Van Landeghem Bangor University

The membership of the SAG remains under review to ensure that it appropriately reflects the diversity of the marine science community.