The governance for the FMRI programme is built around the Managing Successful Programmes (MSP 5th Edition) framework and the Government Project Delivery Functional Standard (GovS_002). It also conforms to the requirements of the HM Treasury Green Book process for business case development.


The programme is structured into 8 workstreams that reflecting the main strands of activity required to develop the business case and lay the foundations for a successful programme. Each workstream has a named owner who is responsible to the Programme Director for coordinating the activities required to deliver the workstream objectives.

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There are additional capability building projects reporting directly to the Programme Director that are intended to mitigate the risk of any transitional period.


My priority is maintaining a constant focus on efficacy, efficiency and governance to ensure that the future research infrastructure is delivered on time and to budget, and that the programme upholds The Seven Principles of Public Life at all levels.

Dr. Kristian Thaller, Programme Director


Key Roles

  • The NERC Management Board provides authority for programme-level spending decisions and executive sponsorship for the development of the business case.
  • The FMRI Board exists to bring broad strategic perspective to the delivery of NERC's future infrastructure. It is accountable to the NERC Management Board, to which it submits recommendations, for providing leadership to delivering the FMRI objectives.
  • The Science Advisory Group provides scientific assurance, advising the FMRI Board on the science case for the investment and the science impact of possible decisions.
  • The Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) is accountable for the programme meeting its objectives, delivering the projected outcomes and realising the required benefits. The SRO owns the business case, articulates the vision and is accountable for all aspects of governance.
  • The programme Delivery Board supports the SRO by providing oversight and assurance for delivery activities.
  • The Programme Director is responsible for day-to-day management and decision making, and for managing the relationships required to successfully scope and execute the activity of the programme. They are supported in their role by the Programme Office.
  • The Business Case Manager leads the planning, production and delivery of the FMRI business case on behalf of the SRO.
  • The Lead Scientist leads the activities to capture and understand the science requirements, providing a single, authoritative voice for engaging with national and international science stakeholders.
  • The Lead Engineer leads the activities to scope the technical solutions that can meet the science requirements.

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Decisions on the strategic context for the programme are taken by the NERC Management Board in response to a recommendation from the FMRI Board. Further NERC, UKRI and Government approvals may also be required for some decisions. The recommendations of the FMRI Board are informed by the Science Advisory Group.

Decisions on the parameters and priorities for delivering the programme are taken by the SRO in consultation with the programme Delivery Board and other key stakeholders.

Decisions for the day-to-day direction and delivery of the programme are taken by the Programme Director following appropriate consultation with the Leadership Team, compliance functions and other stakeholders. The programme Delivery Board provides assurance for delivery decision-making.