To deliver world class science, research infrastructure must be supported by people with the skills both to operate it and to exploit its scientific potential. NERC continues to fund: UK scientists to deliver world leading research, training of the next generation of environmental scientists, and the people who operate its large research infrastructure. As the future infrastructure takes shape, the FMRI programme is exploring how to support any change in skills and culture that may be needed to successfully achieve its objectives.

Workstream Objectives

During the business case development phase, the objectives of the FMRI Future Skills and Culture workstream are to:

  • Develop the user skills base, particularly among early career researchers, to generate new opportunities and effectively utilize the future capabilities for impactful science.
  • Develop the engineering skills base to operate the future infrastructure in support of impactful science.
  • Embed considerations of equity, diversity and inclusion in the design of the future research infrastructure and operating models.

Workstream Lead: To Be Determined


The UK is demonstrating real international leadership by taking such a comprehensive, holistic and forward-looking approach to transitioning its research capability, and I am both excited and honoured to be able to play a part in that.

Dr. Katy Hill, FMRI Lead Scientist