Role of the FMRI Board

The role of the FMRI Board is to bring broad strategic perspective to the delivery of NERC's future infrastructure. It is accountable to the NERC Management Board, to which it submits recommendations, for providing leadership to delivering the FMRI objectives.

The responsibilities of the FMRI Board include:

  • Identifying and prioritising the opportunities and actions required to deliver the FMRI Objectives.
  • Informing NMB decisions that maximise benefits for the entire marine science community. This will include, consideration of the future mix of research ships and autonomous platforms; the key requirements for research platforms (both ships and autonomy); the timelines for transitions to new platforms; and, approaches to the management and ownership of marine infrastructure.
  • Identifying and defining the required benefits to inform a FMRI business case, ensuring alignment with NERC’s business objectives.
  • Considering alignment across FMRI workstreams and complementary UKRI/NERC initiatives to create a positive environment for benefits realisation. This may include the interfaces between funding lines to ensure they support the FMRI strategic objectives.
  • Assuring strategic risks are being considered and appropriately managed.
  • Acting as a champion for the FMRI Programme with senior stakeholders within the research and innovation community, fostering collaboration and partnerships to create a positive environment for benefits realisation.


  • Dr. Iain Williams Chair, NERC Director of Strategic Partnerships

  • Prof. Sir Ian Boyd UKRI Board Member

  • Dr. Andrea Burke Future Leaders Council Member

  • Prof. Mike Meredith President of the Challenger Society

  • Toni Moate International Expert (CSIRO, Australia)

  • Alison Robinson NERC Deputy Executive Chair

  • Prof. Alex Rogers Chair of the FMRI Science Advisory Group / Science User

  • Andrew Saulter Science User

  • Chloe Somers NERC Associate Director, Research Capital & Place

  • Leigh Storey FMRI Senior Responsible Owner

  • Dr. Sarah Turner NERC Associate Director, Research & Skills

  • Susan Waldron NERC Director of Research & Skills