Understanding the ocean is a global endeavour, and NERC funded infrastructure plays a vital part in multinational programmes and initiatives. The FMRI programme is building partnerships that ensure the UK can remain a partner of choice for marine research. The programme is also seeking to realise the benefits of deepening collaboration between UK institutions in the operation and utilisation of marine infrastructure.

Workstream Objectives

During the business case development phase, the objectives of the FMRI National & International Partnerships workstream are to:

  • Take an international perspective to learning the lessons for the design, delivery and operation of large marine research infrastructure by considering nations with similar capabilities and ambition to the UK.
  • Engage national and international operators of marine research infrastructure and policy stakeholders to understand how NERC infrastructure does and could contribute to a global ocean observing system, making the UK a 'partner of choice' for global marine science initiatives.
  • Create and capture the opportunities for national and international partnerships that maximise the capability and impact of the UK's future research infrastructure.
  • Develop national and international partnerships that can underpin the delivery of the FMRI programme: strengthening collaboration, stimulating innovation and mitigating risk.

Workstream Lead: Iain Williams, NERC Director Strategic Partnerships

National Partnerships Lead: Leigh Storey, FMRI Senior Responsible Owner

International Partnerships Lead: Chloe Somers, NERC AD Research, Capital and Place


Partnerships are not about limiting losses, they are about maximising opportunities.

Katy Hill, FMRI Lead Scientist


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